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What differentiates Naomi Watts from other blonde actresses in Hollywood is that she's not the stereotypical "blonde girl" - first of all, she's not a "girl", she's a real woman, and secondly, Naomi Watts can act. We are looking forward to seeing much, much more of Naomi Watts on the silver screen!

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Hot actress Naomi Watts got some attention with her role in the mysterious and erotic David Lynch film Mulholland Drive, and she was the star in the 2002 US-Remake of the Japanese horror-movie Ringu - The Ring. Her biggest role so far is the Ann Darrow character in Peter Jackson's KING KONG (2005). Naomi Watts will star in THE PAINTED VEIL in 2006 together with Edward Norton, and in FUNNY GAMES by Michael Haneke with Tim Roth and EASTERN PROMISES by David Cronenberg with Viggo Mortensen and Vincent Kassel.